Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric is one of the most widely used fabric types in the world today and that is why we have such an amazing range for you to choose from. Our Plain Cotton Fabric range is one of our most popular, whilst in recent years, our cotton prints have become a best seller! Cotton fabric is extremely flexible and we're amazed with the ideas and ways it is used by our customers!
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  1. Jolly Rodgers Adventure Cotton Poplin Print, Blue
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  2. Miffy Sailing Trip Cotton Print
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Cotton Fabric - Did you know?

In terms of popularity - it is reported that cotton is used in some way or another in almost 75% of all of the worlds clothing.
That shows just how popular this fabric is!

Where and how to use Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric can be used in many, many ways, from men and women’s clothing to curtain fabric, pillow covers, re-covering of furniture and more.

Cotton fabric is often used to make women’s dresses, dress pants, knitted blouses and of course skirts. 

For men, it’s cotton dress shirts, cotton suits, casual clothing, underwear and many other mens items.

Cotton fabric is not only comfortable, but also very breathable - making it a great fabric option for warm weather needs as well as day to day / business attire.

What is cotton fabric and where does it come from?

We know you’re probably not here for a lesson on cotton, so we’ll keep this brief. Cotton fabric is fundamentally organic, it grows around cotton plant seeds in a round and fluffy configuration once the seeds begin to fully grow. From there it is taken and developed into the fabrics we use and love today.

The oldest known use of cotton fiber in fabrics was in parts of India, where the growth of cotton and its multiple uses including clothing and textiles expanded vastly.

Visit our fabric store for all your cotton needs!

We believe that every client of ours deserves choice. Dalston Mill Fabrics offers a selection of stunning cotton fabrics (including plain cotton and cotton prints) from our huge store based in Dalston, London. We are constantly updating our range, allowing you to easily find whatever you need in our online fabric shop which includes fast, delivery.

Your trusted cotton fabric suppliers

Dalston Mill Fabrics is your trusted supplier when it comes to cotton fabric. We go the extra mile to source only the finest materials to help you bring your creations to life. As a modern cotton supplier, we offer a range of cotton by the meter and make our unique fabrics widely available from our in-store collection to our range online.