Scrap Fabric Challenge

We're Sorry - The scrap fabric challenge is currently suspended until further notice.


Help us put our scrap fabric stash to good use by taking part in the scrap fabric challenge. Our bolt-ends and off-cuts are a favorite with our customers, they come brimming full of pieces in a wide range shapes, sizes, colours, designs and fabrics and are a dream to work with. We're keen to spread the love of creating from scrap fabric instead of throwing away, so we're offering you the chance to get free fabric in exchange for inspiring the world with your creations.

Our 500g scrap fabric bags sell for £14.99 online (find them here) but we're offering full refunds to customers who share their creations with us. All you have to do is order as usual and once you're finished making your masterpiece, send us a photo or two of your creation and we'll issue you a full refund for your scrap fabric bag and associated delivery cost. Meaning you get the fabric absolutely free. It really is as easy as that!


About the Scrap Fabric Bag


We're always cutting fabrics, either whilst preparing samples, putting together customer orders or sorting and splitting rolls for the shop, which means we have a constant supply of roll-ends and off-cuts. With a range over over 10,000 different fabrics, our scraps collection is as eclectic as the shelves in our store. Some pieces are 40cm x 40cm or bigger and some are much smaller, 20cm strips are quite common too, you will receive a varied range. The advertised weight will be made up of good sized pieces but we do also like to share fun and interesting smaller pieces too, but these will be in addition to the 500g.

Fabrics include cotton and polycotton prints (stripes, polka dots and florals are common), felt, fleece, velours. Plain cotton, polyester and blends are also widely included as well as a wide variety of sequins, holograms, foils and other exciting dance and dress fabrics. You don't know what you'll get which is part of the fun! Having said that we do our best to cater for your preferences, so let us know if you would prefer crafty cuttings like cottons, polyesters, felt, neoprene etc or if you're more of a fashionista and prefer cuttings of fashion fabrics. Alternatively, why not be daring and choose the lucky dip option?

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Terms and Conditions

Now for the small print (although we'll keep the font size nice a big as we're not here to trick anyone).

  • Only scrap bag purchases from our website ( and delivered to a UK address will qualify for the promotion.
  • Only one scrap bag will be refunded per customer. You may order more to use, but only the cost of one will be refunded.
  • To redeem your refund visit the redemption page and submit your order details and photographs.
  • All photographs must clearly show the fabrics you received having been used in a sewing or craft project. You may of course use other fabric or items. For example if you choose to adorn an item of clothing with our scrap fabrics, that is great, please ensure our fabric is clearly visible in the photo.
  • You may submit multiple photographs.
  • By submitting your photograph you hereby give permission to us to use the photographs as we see fit either online, on social media or in print.
  • You can supply us with a social media handle for an credit or shout out on Instagram.
  • Refunds will be processed within 2 working days of entry submission.