Keep Cool: 5 Fabrics to Wear in the Summer Heat

Summer is here but are you ready for the heat? The weather can be a bit hit and miss over here in the UK but the temperature has raised and you need to make sure you dress appropriately. We share you top 5 ideas for what to wear in the summer months.

Summer dress fabric

  1. Linen

Linen is one of the promising materials to offer a great comfort for you during summer. This is made of natural fiber stalked out of flax plant. The nature of the material makes you cool every time in the worst of the seasons. Never worry about a humid weather! Linen will save your day with its light, and flow weaves. It not only offers a comfort factor but a sophisticated look.

  1. Rayon

Rayon is a man-made material created by extracting cellulose from the trees. It can come in many different types and grades which imitate the look and feel of various natural fibres such as silk, cotton and linen. It is lightweight with the fact that the threads of rayon are lighter than cotton threads.

  1. Cotton

As the name implies, cotton is known for its comfort. This fabric does not need any kind of explanation with respect to the comfort factor. On summer, every individual shop for cotton outfits as it is the greatest promise for top-notch comfort. The best part of this fabric is that it absorbs your sweat leaving you fresh as ever until the end of the day. It allows air to circulate in and out making you feel cool and light.

  1. Merino Wool

This is one of the best materials, which will be very lighter designed especially for people to tolerate the humid and hot weather conditions. Unlike wool, this is very softer and lighter. Never imagine that thick material which is meant to protect you from cold. This fantabulous fabric is invented with years and years of adjusting and crafting to serve the people living in hot and humid countries.

  1. Chambray

This is an alternate or a substitute material for cotton. Giving the look of denim in appearance, it can be used widely by the people to bear the heat during summer. It keeps you light, as it will not be thick like denim. This allows you to have the same look of wearing denim.

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