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  • 5 Striking Sequin Fabrics

    Whether you're trying to sparkle in the lights or create a sparkle in someone's eye, sequin fabrics is your answer. Sequin fabrics can be the difference between a good and great dress design especially if you're looking for a high impact outfit. The inclusion of brilliantly radiant sequins in a dress, skirt or accessory material effectively creates a striking look of glitz and glamour. Here are 10 of the best ways to draw out a creative and inspired sequin detailing.

    Sequin Fabric Dress Photo Credit: Flickr @image_monkey


    Our Top 5 Sequin Fabrics

    1) First of all, we take a look at the Oval Sequins Mesh fabric that can bring about a truly memorable experience. Everyone making use of a design featuring the fabric will be sure to get noticed for all the right reasons! This stunning sequin fabric is available in 4 colourways.

    2) Another fantastically vibrant look can be displayed through the use of the Stretch Tulle with 3mm sequin. Available in a wide number of effervescent shades of dazzling colour. This is a fabric perfectly suited for making a dynamic statement of intent.

    3) Another special sequin fabric to try out is our hologram sequin velour. For a glimpse of the wonder and mystery of a science fiction fantasy look. A slinky and subtle approach to cocktail skirts and full dresses can produce an outstanding and truly memorable image.

    4) Imagine entering the room of a party venue and all eyes turning to meet you as you approach. This event is more than possible with the deployment of the fantastically beautiful sequinned gold material on items of clothing. A full dress or gown embellished with this delightful fabric can highlight an entire space. Generate a magnificence that is beyond reproach.

    5) Finally, the world of sequins often points the way to a dream of the glamorous high-life. This has never been more apparent than with the single span snakeskin sequin. Offering both designers and especially wearers a chance to gain entrance to an exclusive club of exotic detailing, this is finery at its best.


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  • 5 Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Fabric Trends

    Ladies and ladies, well gents too if they want to be enlightened with the latest spring summer fashion fabric trends of 2018. Read ahead as we bring you 5 of the most trending fashion trends of summer 2018.

    Sequins and Sparkle Fashion Fabric

    Sparkle your way through the summer/spring season because that is the verdict at all leading fashion shows across the world. Glitzy glamour, sequential sparkle, and blinding bling are a few phrases that you will be listening to this season. So head on to your nearby store and grab some amazing sequin dresses that are blindingly beautiful. If you love the look then you'll enjoy browsing the Dalston Mill Fabrics Sequin fabrics range.

    Sequin fashion fabric on the catwalk


    Pastels are one of the most predictable trend when it comes to a spring fashion fabric. So take the opportunity and enjoy the lavenders, lilacs, washed out pinks, milky greens. The Pastel trend hit big during the spring season in the form of suits and skirts, so dress up like you know it all. Take the trend on step ahead, and try it on with fancy fabrics like net and mesh - you will surely become the talk of the town with that.

    Pastel fashion fabric on the catwalk

    Bold Colours

    While there will be people who will be donning light washed off colors, there will be some who’d flaunt bright orange, red, yellow and lime green colors. If you are a woman who is fond of wearing bright colors then this is once in lifetime opportunity for you to dress up like a bold color queen.


    Reminisce the time when your home looked more like a checkerboard because checks were the only print that prevailed. That time is almost back; embrace the femininity with check family this season. Balenciaga’s introduced voluminous coats, full coverage, and classic in their essence was a reminder of the old gold times. Expect this check everywhere.

    Check fashion fabric on the catwalk



    Ruffles can be a super flattering and artistic addition to the list of 2018 trends. All women can wear a good ruffle without worrying about how they’d finally look.

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